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Epiphany is a Normal Type Status Skill.


"The user has an epiphany, raising its Attack and Defense."


Coromon Type Level
49 Kyreptil A.pngKyreptil50 Kyraptor A.pngKyraptor Sand.png Sand 35
30 Fiddly A.pngFiddly31 Ucaclaw A.pngUcaclaw Water.png Water 33
107 Ucaclaw A.pngUcaclaw Dark Magic.png Dark Magic 33
54 Skarbone A.pngSkarbone55 Skuldra A.pngSkuldra56 Skelatops A.pngSkelatops Sand.png Sand 8
16 Slitherpin A.pngSlitherpin17 Serpike A.pngSerpike Normal.png Normal 23