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Electrify is an Electric Type Status Skill.


"The user charges itself, increasing damage of its next Electric attack 1.5 times and doubling the Critical hit chance. This can electrify a Coromon twice."


Coromon Type Level
108 Lumon A.pngLumon109 Lampyre A.pngLampyre110 Lumasect A.pngLumasect Dark Magic.png Dark Magic 14
00 titanElectric Voltgar.pngVoltgar Electric.png Electric 7
18 Houndos A.pngHoundos19 Hountrion A.pngHountrion Electric.png Electric 32
47 Acie A.pngAcie48 Deecie A.pngDeecie Electric.png Electric 18
65 Lumon A.pngLumon66 Lampyre A.pngLampyre67 Lumasect A.pngLumasect Electric.png Electric 14