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Welcome to the Coromon Wiki! This page contains the Guidelines for usage and editing. Please familiarize yourself with the rules and read the guides. It will help us maintain a standard of quality for the wiki and community.

Common Courtesy

  • Please respect others. Don't harass or bully your peers and do not start edit warring. If someone breaks the rules, do not mini mod and please report it to an admin.
  • NSFW Content is not allowed on article pages, user profiles, or files.
  • Do not spam in the discussions, page comments, user message walls, or by creating low effort pages.
  • Advertising is not allowed

Editing Guidelines

  • Do not create empty or low effort pages. Pages that are empty or have little to no useful information will be considered as spam.
  • Use American English for all articles to keep consistancy with the game.
  • Be formal. Article pages should use formal language as a wiki standard. Avoid using contractions, and using second-person pronouns such as "you". Opt to use "the player" or "player character" instead.
  • Be objective. Article pages should not be used to express opinions. The purpose of the wiki is to document facts. Things such as what the best coromon, skill, or stat distrubition are a matter of opinion and belong in discussions instead.
  • Coromon descriptions should strive to be as detailed as possible. Since Coromon have different colors and different forms, their color should be omitted unless there is a part of them that is consistent. Referring to similar animals or mythological creatures the coromon are based on is recommended. In addition, all pronunciations should be found via use of this website for consistency:
  • Mark edits appropriately. Use the checkbox below the edit summary to mark if a edit is minor.
    • Minor edits: grammar corrections, fixing links or mistakes as well as reformatting, or removing vandalism. In general, these edits do not add or change information.
    • Major edits: Anything that adds new information should be marked as major.