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Berserk is a Normal Type Physical Skill. When the skill is used the user will automatically use Berserk by itself for 4 turns with each subsequent round increasing the skill's power by 30.


"The user goes berserk for 4 rounds, increasing damage dealt after each successful attack. Damage returns to normal when the user calms down."


Coromon Type Level
20 Armado A.pngArmado21 Armadil A.pngArmadil22 Armadon A.pngArmadon Normal.png Normal 29
98 Mino A.pngMino99 Blazitaur A.pngBlazitaur Fire.png Fire 26
77 Tinshel A.pngTinshel78 Dunpod A.pngDunpod79 Sandril A.pngSandril Sand.png Sand 21