Ball of Darkness

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Ball of Darkness is a Ghost Type Special Skill.


"Launch a ball of pure shadow at the target. Has a 25% chance to increase the user's Sp. Attack by 1 stage."


Coromon Type Level
107 Lemobi A.pngLemobi108 Makinja A.pngMakinja Normal.png Normal 44
61 Seraphace A.pngSeraphace62 Grimmask A.pngGrimmask Ghost.png Ghost 37
103 Otogy A.pngOtogy104 Orotchy A.pngOrotchy Ghost.png Ghost 38
121 Otogy A.pngOtogy122 Orotchy A.pngOrotchy Crimsonite.png Crimsonite 1
89 Squidly A.pngSquidly90 Octotle A.pngOctotle Ghost.png Ghost 50